The prices below are per person and based on the peak / high season, low season are available on request. Please refer to terms and conditions in order for participation.

All accommodation and activities are subject to availability. The 1, 3 and 5 people rate automatically have 1 x single room supplement added to the price.

These are just some of our most popular itineraries; however prices for longer itineraries, accommodation and larger groups are additionally available upon request.

The prices above do not include any excursions such as Night Safari, Hot Air Balloon, Canoe Safari and Walking Safari.

Tours prices

ItineraryDays / NightsHighlights1 Person2 People3 People4 People5+ People
Campsite2D/1NLMNP, TNP $782$518$437$391$368
Lodge2D/1NLMNP, TNP$1,219$679$644$569$552
Campsite2D/1NLMNP / TNP, NC$1,139$707$564$489$449
Lodge2D/1NLMNP / TNP, NC$1,426$932$805$713$690
Campsites3D/2NLMNP, NC, TNP$1,541$978$788$690$633
Lodge3D/2NLMNP, NC, TNP$1,915$1,265$1,104$983$943
Campsites4D/3NLMNP / TNP, SNP, NC$1,984$1,288$1,052$937$868
Lodge4D/3NLMNP / TNP, SNP, NC$2,680$1,834$1,645$1,484$1,443
Lodge + Tented Camp4D/3NLMNP / TNP, SNP, NC$2,777$1,800$1,662$1,449$1,432
Campsites5D/4NLMNP / TNP, SNP, NC$2,404$1,570$1,300$1,162$1,081
Lodges5D/4NLMNP / TNP, SNP, NC$3,013$2,064$1,834$1,656$1,593
Lodge + Tented Camp5D/4NLMNP / TNP, SNP, NC$3,439$2,179$2,047$1,771$1,742

LMNP = Lake Manyara National Park

TNP = Tarangire National Park

SNP = Serengeti National Park

NC = Ngorongoro Crater